Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's going to be a white Christmas!

We here in New England have been having quite a time the last two weeks.  First an ice storm that devastated my area.  We lost power for 2 1/2 days, but others are still without water and power 10 days after the storm!  We are still worried about friends that are still waiting for normal life to return.  There hve been power companies from all over the eastern US here to help with the damage.  
Then mid-week we had a small snowstorm and received about 4" of the fluffy stuff.  Two days ago started a larger storm which slowly wound down yesterday, and we got about a foot of snow.  Today it is snowing yet again and we are expected to get another foot by the end of it!  It is pretty, but the worry about other people and so many branches that are still hanging, or weakened from these storms, is putting a bit a damper on the holiday spirit.  I am trying to stay cheery and get into the spirit of giving.  We have helped out other families with warm food and offered our house to stay or get warm.  This is truly what Christmas is all about!  The idea of going out shopping for things no one really needs just seems silly.  
So today we are sitting here watching the beautiful snow come down, have fed and watered the animals out back, have shoveled once already, and are making crafts for gifts.  My husband is needle felting, my older son is making friendship bracelets, and make 14 yo daughter is making lunch for the others.  My two wishes this Christmas are that we find out why our youngest daughter has been sick and how to fix her, and that those around us without power get it back soon!

I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday (Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas) and New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Spirit has arrived!

I have just finished taking a look at the gifts I have been collecting for this Christmas.  I usually start no later than July!  I am in better shape than I thought.  This is helping with my stress level.  I have finished more craft projects and am having fun making things for friends and family this year.  Being creative is also blood pressure lowering!  I finished my needle felted Dala Horse (see picture below!) and it came out better than I expected it too.  You know most things you make come close, or end up looking very different than you what you thought at the start.  There are those rare projects that exceed your expectations.  This is the one.  I have always loved these horses.  They are normally hand carved and painted, and are absolutely beautiful.  I have never owned one, but my mother and sister do.  I have decided to keep this one instead of sell it because I like it so much.  

My daughter is still ill, but the Prilosec her Pediatric GI specialist has given her is helping.  She and my husband are off today to meet with the doctor about where we go from here.  I just wish we could get an answer about what is making her sick.  The not knowing is very hard on the whole family.  No one is sleeping well, and everything else in life comes second to making sure the ill one is taken care of.  

The sun has just come out again.  It started snowing yesterday afternoon for the first time this season, but then changed to rain overnight.  I would rather have snow!