Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walk in the woods to Recharge!

I had to get out of this house today!  I had another kid home sick yesterday, and one school is closing Friday due to a teacher's funeral that means at least one kid home).  Very strange start to the school year this year.  When this morning was looking like I would actually get some time alone, I readied myself to take off for the woods as soon as I dropped the last child at school.  I went straight for the woods at a nearby state park.  I was alone with my 35mm camera, extra lenses for close-up effects, and my son's digital camera as well.  I climbed around slippery rocks along the river, picked up a variety of interesting leaves, and just listened to the water run over the rocks.  The sun was just coming over the hill on the other side of the river and sending dappled sunlight to specific places.  These would change as I waited to see what other joys would be highlighted.  
I then went across the road and a short walk into the woods to a great spot with a beautiful waterfall.  Every time I go there it looks different.  I have photographed this waterfall so many times and it is always a new shot.   Today was no different.  With the fallen leaves sticking to the wet rocks and the shadows of the trees and leaves, it was gorgeous.  I think I might have even caught a shot or two including the mist around the falls.
The fall colors are at peak here and the leaves are at an almost constant show of falling to the ground, blanketing the entire area.  Truly a dreamland if you just look around and take it in.
I started off today in a bad mood and cranky.  After an hour and half in the woods I was recharged.  As I left the state park I decided to take the longer scenic route to the grocery store.  Now it's back to the mom grind, but with renewed energy.   

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