Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom and kids home sick!

     Life as a mom is never dull!  I have two of my girls home sick today, and I am fighting my second cold in two weeks.  I have been trying to fight though feeling lousy and just putter along, getting misc. things done and even a couple of projects worked on.  I worked on cleaning on my craft cabin out in the back yard yesterday, and that felt good.  My husband and I build the cabin a few years ago because our house is so small there was no space for my ever growing craft supply piles.  We incorporated free windows, recycled boards, and a door we bought at a yard sale.  The cabinets inside were going to be thrown out from a garage across the street.  I love my own room!  I have lots of things hanging up on the walls and from the ceiling as inspiration to be creative.  Yesterday I worked a bit more on some gourd projects I started a while ago, until my Dremel got stuck, and it needs a little WD40.  So then I was down to sketching some ideas that I would like to carve into the gourds.  I also tested some wood stain that I had bought to see how it looked on the gourd surface.  I liked how it soaked deeper into the areas that were carved into the gourd and so gave two looks in one.  
With kids home today I am not getting anything creative done.  Instead I have worked on school paperwork (book orders, picture day forms, field trip forms, grocery slips that help the schools, etc.) and updating my huge calendar.  I have one that has 5 large columns.  One for my husband and I, and then one for each kid's school.  With five kids in four schools this year I am having to be even more organized than I have been in past years.  I am glad that it's the only year I have this many schools to keep track of.  

Just a peak at a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom!

Take care!

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