Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A new treasury on Etsy honoring New England!

Good evening!
I just set up a treasury at titled "N.E. Fall By N.E. Artists".  It includes some beautiful creations by very talented New England folk.  Our fall colors have just gone by here but these items remind me of just a couple of weeks ago.  

I have finally had a week without any kids home sick (knock on wood!), and been able to get to some other projects.  Tomorrow I will be listing more items on my own Etsy site.  

I am starting to get into the Christmas mode and mood.  Starting to think about items to sell and things to make for gifts for family and friends.  With the financial problems in the air right now I think we will be making more gifts than usual.  I have always baked for neighbors and friends anyway.  As well as make some gifts.  

Do something nice for someone else today.  It's amazing how it makes you feel better to be alive!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy and Sad Weekend!

This was a weekend of happiness and sadness.  A dear friend, basically family to us, died in a horrible car accident late Friday.  He was the type to always make you smile.  Rarely did you see him in a bad mood or grumpy.  He was silly and just a big kid with a giant heart of gold.  When my mother-in-law was in the later stages of Alzheimer's he took a lot of care of her for our family.  He has always held a special place in my heart.  Since I heard the news of him passing, I keep thinking back a couple of Halloweens ago to a family party where he wore a cow costume.  Complete with udders on his belly!  It was so funny the memory makes giggle every time I think of it.  This is what he would want.  He was a dear man, with a sweet wife, and great kids and grandkids.  I will miss my friend.
The happier side of the weekend was getting to see my own father on his birthday yesterday.  The weather was perfect.  A sunny, fairly mild fall day.  We are just past peak colors here, but it is still a beautiful fall.  We went out to lunch, and then apple picking on a gorgeous hill overlooking the now yellow, orange, and brown hills in the distance.  Taking a hayride over to the orchard and then playing with some sheep and goats.  My kids went through the corn maze (again!), though it is now dry and pale, instead of green stalks of corn.  I will post a shot or two of the corn stalks below, if you would like to see them.
Today is the first start to a week with no kids home sick in weeks.  I am headed to my craft shed, going to start a fire in the wood stove, and get to creating.  I am starting to feel the early twinges of Christmas fever coming on.  I love Christmas, even all the stress.  This year I want to concentrate on making things for the people I care about.  Life is short, and I feel it's important to show, and tell the folks you care about how much they mean to you.  That can make all the difference!  Peace.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walk in the woods to Recharge!

I had to get out of this house today!  I had another kid home sick yesterday, and one school is closing Friday due to a teacher's funeral that means at least one kid home).  Very strange start to the school year this year.  When this morning was looking like I would actually get some time alone, I readied myself to take off for the woods as soon as I dropped the last child at school.  I went straight for the woods at a nearby state park.  I was alone with my 35mm camera, extra lenses for close-up effects, and my son's digital camera as well.  I climbed around slippery rocks along the river, picked up a variety of interesting leaves, and just listened to the water run over the rocks.  The sun was just coming over the hill on the other side of the river and sending dappled sunlight to specific places.  These would change as I waited to see what other joys would be highlighted.  
I then went across the road and a short walk into the woods to a great spot with a beautiful waterfall.  Every time I go there it looks different.  I have photographed this waterfall so many times and it is always a new shot.   Today was no different.  With the fallen leaves sticking to the wet rocks and the shadows of the trees and leaves, it was gorgeous.  I think I might have even caught a shot or two including the mist around the falls.
The fall colors are at peak here and the leaves are at an almost constant show of falling to the ground, blanketing the entire area.  Truly a dreamland if you just look around and take it in.
I started off today in a bad mood and cranky.  After an hour and half in the woods I was recharged.  As I left the state park I decided to take the longer scenic route to the grocery store.  Now it's back to the mom grind, but with renewed energy.   

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Addresses to Etsy and Treasury

I am a little confused about how to get these to post so I hope this works.

Etsy Treasury List:

My Etsy Treasury:

Autumn is here and new treasury on Etsy!

Good morning,
       This weekend is just gorgeous here.  The colors of fall are in full pop!  The traffic through our town has been crazy with all the leaf peepers.  The air is crisp and slightly cool.  There are bright, orange pumpkins and big, juicy, red apples at every farm stand and orchard in the area.  We went apple picking last weekend in fact.  Taking a hay ride into the field of trees, each chock full.  After picking our fill, and taking lots of photos of the family, another hay ride back to the stand and baby animals.  The day was like today, a perfect fall day.
This morning I actually got a treasury put up on Etsy.  These are collections of items that you like and make a grouping for others to view.  You can check it out at the following address.  It is great fun to check out the different treasuries that others have listed as well.  My treasury is titled Birds, Branches, and Bees.  
I am having such fun seeing all the wonderful talent and creativity on Etsy.  I am so inspired to do more creative projects myself.  The fall colors I find inspiring as well.  I have taken a couple of walks in the woods with my family and found such wonders as blue heron tracks, a variety of interesting mushrooms, and beautiful waterfalls.  

Off to enjoy this day.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom and kids home sick!

     Life as a mom is never dull!  I have two of my girls home sick today, and I am fighting my second cold in two weeks.  I have been trying to fight though feeling lousy and just putter along, getting misc. things done and even a couple of projects worked on.  I worked on cleaning on my craft cabin out in the back yard yesterday, and that felt good.  My husband and I build the cabin a few years ago because our house is so small there was no space for my ever growing craft supply piles.  We incorporated free windows, recycled boards, and a door we bought at a yard sale.  The cabinets inside were going to be thrown out from a garage across the street.  I love my own room!  I have lots of things hanging up on the walls and from the ceiling as inspiration to be creative.  Yesterday I worked a bit more on some gourd projects I started a while ago, until my Dremel got stuck, and it needs a little WD40.  So then I was down to sketching some ideas that I would like to carve into the gourds.  I also tested some wood stain that I had bought to see how it looked on the gourd surface.  I liked how it soaked deeper into the areas that were carved into the gourd and so gave two looks in one.  
With kids home today I am not getting anything creative done.  Instead I have worked on school paperwork (book orders, picture day forms, field trip forms, grocery slips that help the schools, etc.) and updating my huge calendar.  I have one that has 5 large columns.  One for my husband and I, and then one for each kid's school.  With five kids in four schools this year I am having to be even more organized than I have been in past years.  I am glad that it's the only year I have this many schools to keep track of.  

Just a peak at a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom!

Take care!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fall Morning!

Good morning,
Today we finally woke up to the sun shining.  This whole week we have had grey, wet days.  I don't mind the rain.  In fact I love to run and splash in the puddles.  Yes, I taught my kids to enjoy the rain too, but to also respect when there is thunder and lightening.  So back to today, which is also cool and crisp.  The way fall should feel.  I am so happy the weather changed because we are planning on going apple picking tomorrow.  I just can't go to the apple orchard unless it feels like fall.  We tend to take a family picture in the apple trees for our Christmas cards.  We go to this small but beautiful orchard called Windy Hill in Greenville, NH. It sits on the top of the hill with spectacular views of the fall colors all around.  Fall foliage in New England is worth the humidity in the summer!  I really love living here with the change of seasons and always something new around the corner.  

I am planning on listing more needle felted items today at Etsy.  I have a variety of pumpkins that I think came out really well.  I don't usually like to do the same thing over and over, but these have been a lot of fun to make.  Next I am working on some winter and Christmas ideas.

Take care.